Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Navigating Life And Love In The Modern Age Ben Stuart

As a Christian couple, deepening your relationship with one another and with God is essential for creating a strong and lasting foundation for your marriage. It serves as an excellent engagement gift for any woman preparing for marriage and aids in prayerfully entrusting her future into God’s hands. Also included in the book are interactive websites, books, and exercises that enhance the couples’ experience. Through heart-felt discussions and guided “Talking it Over” questions in each chapter, you are encouraged to discuss real-life challenges and experiences together as you and your partner build your relationship.

I promise you, you will never see a young man after suddenly realizing he loves a young woman return to playing a video game. He will rise from that couch and move. This sort of book arises out of a very particular, common reading of scripture — one that understands scripture as almost always prescriptive rather than descriptive.

By the third, fourth, fifth time, I had the outline of a theory. If you’re super-wealthy, pursuing across-the-board success, run-of-the-mill dating apps don’t offer the sort of service you’re accustomed to. But hiring a personal matchmaker is crass and creates unnecessary pressure. For the first time in the history of the United States, the average age a woman has her first child is younger than the average age of a woman entering her first marriage. On average, women in America are having their first child at age twenty-six.

Why are young men so scared of sex?

This book was so full of assumptions and stereotypes it was hard to find practical and applicable points for my life. As a single, 30-year-old woman, I understand I probably wasn’t the married, male author’s target audience. I also knew going in three-fourths of the book would be unhelpful at this point in my. Still, I was hoping I could be encouraged in some ways.

Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Navigating Life and Love in the Modern Age Paperback

Dating is the largest issue in their view. What possibly could take precedence over finding the love of your life? I admit, when the desire to date is as close to you as your nose, it looks all-consumingly large. Yet if you can back up from the desire to date for a moment, you will see that there is a greater story playing out in history than the story of romantic love. Your relationship with a guy or a girl, though important, is not the most critical relationship in your life, and it is not the relationship that God is the most concerned with. Ben Stuart’s book was succinct and to the point to narrate life single, dating, engaged, and married as a Christian.

Area with their three kids, Hannah, Sparrow, and Owen. Strongly recommend to every human being who wants to know how to navigate and flourish in each of these stages of life. It is not the only way to look at your love life, but this is an excellent place to start. So So So good and packed with scriptural truth and insight into our modern approach to relationships.

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Maybe marriage is for the people who aren’t easily distracted with a relationship…Anyway, three-fourths of the book was not about the “better thing.” I found his portion on singleness extremely frustrating. The underlining theme was the weak and outdated assumption that implies all single people have more time, money and resources than all married people. His conclusion was single people need to take the brunt of the work accomplishing God’s kingdom work; because once they move on from their single stage they “won’t be able to do as much.” That’s just ignorant. No matter our romantic relationships or lack of them, God is our primary relationship, and all believers need to spend their life in service to Him.

Undivided devotion is only half the purpose. The next three chapters were stating the obvious and lacked theological depth. Even though he’d probably deny it, I felt the book overall placed singleness as second class. Singleness and marriage are equal in status and God’s ability to utilize for His glory. There are better books about singleness and the other three for that matter.

The same principle holds true in all of life. When you have a source of life, you are a source of life. But where there is scarcity, desperation will set in. And desperation can easily become exploitation of others. If you are disconnected from a source of life, your “oxygen tank,” then you will attempt to suck life out of someone else. You will be tempted to use people to try to get your sense of self validated.

Ben is a dynamic voice for this coming generation. And apart from a correct view of God, this subject will shape more of your life than any other. These and other Bible heroes were far from perfect. They failed, they sinned, they deceived…and yet each of them had a dramatic comeback and were used of God beyond their richest imagination.

You can get these on Kindle, in hardcover, or even listen to some of them on Audible for free with a free trial. If you’re an engaged couple looking to prepare for marriage, there’s no better way to do so than by picking up a book. But of course, there are also some downsides to it—there are a lot of instant divorces and people who rush into marriage and kids for the wrong reasons. This baby panic was shooting through the media and I thought to myself, “This doesn’t feel right.” The answer that women should start having kids earlier seemed too simplistic. Most of us who have gone to school and want careers also want to support our families.

At least I didn’t get that impression by the synopsis. Nevertheless,as a man of faith,I was impressed with the relationship advices. The author was very sentimental and transparent with how people should live godly lives when considering long term commitment. It was not as preachy but the author was very stern in never compromising for the sake of temporary satisfaction. I came across this book by merely searching Prime books on my kindle. Initially,I was not thrilled reading another “boring” dating book about singles,dating and marriage.