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Company Overview

  1. With motto “we provide your future”, Accuracy international Bangladesh was founded by group of professional having extensive Technical Knowledge and managerial expertise in Architectural, Civil engineering, education, project management and culture and arts. We have good numbers of Trainer, engineer both Architects &Civil engineer, Accountants and administrative talents. An organogram is in vogue to administer the company smoothly, efficiently, effectively and accurately. The company is committed to provide quality service through effective and efficient management

Accuracy international is established in 27th May 2016 keeping in mind to provide service in the following four major areas:

  1. Training and mentoring: We provide training to the employee & management of the corporate. We have about 35 modules to train employee. We provide training to students of Universities to groom them up for professions. We take classes for the students of BBA, MBA, and Civil Engineering. Training that we have already provided to the different organization (Client List) are given in Annexure “A “. Thetopic / module that we can master for you is given in Annexure “B “


  • Consultancy: With a very experienced engineer and management experts we provide consultancy on Architectural, Civil engineering and management including HR consultancy.
  • Construction / Project Management / Supply of Materials: We have number of Civil engineers and project management expertise to look after the construction, handle projects. We have management staff to look after the supply of materials. Some of the client with who we have worked are listed in Annexure “C” and certificate of Completion are attached here with.
  • Safety & Security and Investigation: We have security expert from Defence and Police service to resolve any safety & security of any company. You may also explore our expertise for investigation of any irregularities within your organization.
  • We are working collaboratively with our clients to achieve the best possible result. We like to embark on a platform where fusion of professionalism, quality & economy prevail. Wedesire to earn acme of reputation by providing high quality, cost effective technological and efficient superior solution to all our service area.

3. We aim to cover legendary customer service by blending quality service with cost effective solution to every sector of our service with marginal time frame.   We appreciate your trust and we will be always careful about your opinion. We believe that this is the reason, that’s why you can rely on us at any time.

Legal Status of Accuracy International Bangladesh

Name of the Company: Accuracy International Bangladesh.

Type of Company: Ownership.
Trade License No. 02-29247, Dhaka North City Corporation, Dhaka (Attached).

VAT No. 17021041060 (Area Code 170102) (Attached)

Tax Identification Number: 285393899768 (Tax Circle: 190, Tax Zone 09 Dhaka), (Attached)

Bank with: Account No 0002-0210135396(Savings) Trust Bank, Dhaka Cantonment Corporate Branch.

Date of Start  of Business: 18th July 2016

Vision: Promise in achieving accuracy in the servicesthat the company is offering and to encourage the customers to pursue accuracy in all aspect of their life

Mission: We work in the area of construction, consultancy (engineering management and HR), training, coaching, security, investigation and we want to be the accurate in all aspect to be number one where ever we are.

Our Values:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Ethical business
  • Integrity

Trust worthiness