Older Men Dating Younger Women: What Real Data Reveals

Trying to fit a mold or to fit the standards of what men want in a woman can get exhausting. Men will sense that you are not being true to yourself when you go on a date. They may get a sense of falseness about you and that can be a turn off.

So, even if a guy is older, you can’t assume he’s technologically illiterate. If you want to keep his time and attention, you might have to embrace new technology, just to keep up,” says Bennett. Men, in general, are not good about expressing their feelings and even more so for men who are older. “Few men in the over 60 generation are practiced in talking about their feelings. I’m aware that he will probably never move back to the East Coast, and I sometimes feel like I’m constantly straddling the line between doing everything I can to succeed in my career and maintaining my relationship. Introducing him to your family won’t be easy.I was dead nervous to reveal my boyfriend’s age to my parents, so much so that I stalled introducing them for six months.

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A theoretical 17 year old man could equally, if not more so, be with her for only one reason. Equally, becoming pregnant and having to postpone things such as career isn’t age relevant. On top of the above three points, she still finds time to volunteer, and to be the favourite mom among our kids’ friends. Several answers already, but I want to address a couple of your concerns.

There’s Truth to the Old Rule

Self-consciousness aside, our relationship slowly progressed from sideward glances and intellectual conversation over lunch to long kisses and passionate embraces during afternoons spent in bed. Unlike younger guys, the experience with Tom was more about the two of us than just him and his desires. As a successful man who has lived and learned, he will not be petty enough to be jealous of all the younger men who have been in your life before. There is nothing for him to be intimidated by men who are still trying to make something of themselves. In that case, you cannot rule out the possibility that he might be falling in love too fast.

However, you will need to have some extra space in your life for them. While such a relationship has its plus points, many factors need to be taken into consideration to make a sound choice. Love should not be barred by age but a relationship with a big age gap does come with its own unique challenges. On the flip side, when compatibility, attraction, and desire all fit perfectly, then age becomes a mere number. This is a snakes den of future issues, especially if you decide to get married, have kids, etc. You had better decide how important your religion is to each of you – because one of you is going to have to be flexible.

It’s weird when my mom visits and they’re talking about shows that were on TV before I was born, but that’s about it. We like the same hobbies and want similar things out of life. The only downside, and it’s sad, is that we’ll never be one of those couples that is together 50 years. However, I’m now in a serious relationship with someone my own age and I have to say I prefer it this way.

Research, however, shows that when it comes to establishing long-term relationships, the majority of women, of all ages, are typically interested in older men. Age gaps are rarely discussed until they’re considered “too big,” but there’s no hard rule about when an age gap becomes significant. While the adult-child relationship dynamic has been denounced in some parts of the world, there’s still much work to do in that respect. It’s also possible that these practices have influenced dating culture and there may still be an undercurrent of older men dating consensual younger women based on wanting to be their provider.

There isn’t anything positive you could bring into my life. Bringing up your ex and your past relationships too much can make you look resentful. Speaking badly about your previous partners can backfire and make you seem like you are the problem.

How many of us can relate to being dumped by a guy who said he wasn’t ready, only to find out that he proposed to someone else? If there’s love and compatibility between a couple and the two are in sync, it can certainly work. Any relationship can last as long as both partners are committed and dedicated to it. A younger woman often appreciates the maturity, resilience and emotional maturity that older men bring to a relationship.

“Currently I’m eight years older than my fiancée and that has upsides,” one Reddit user wrote. “Jake and I have been together for over 21 years. Our age difference has never really been an issue,” Keith, 42,told Insider. One Reddit user wrote that her husband seniorpeoplemeet.com is nine years older than her, and everything is great—except for his decreasing libido. “I’m now at the age that he was when we first met (I’m 31) and I feel like I’m in my prime but we just don’t get to do it like we did when he was 31,” she wrote.