xcritical customer service: xcritical slammed for terrible customer service after hackers drain user accounts


Even if you don’t suffer from insomnia, it may be that you need more sleep than the average person. Studies have found that some people simply need more sleep than others. Depending on the number of reports xcritical receives, it may take anywhere between 1 to 3 business days for a response. xcritical is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. It’s one of the most trusted wallet and it really sends money and receive coins.


He discovered the xcritical theft the next day when he restored service to his iPhone. “Please note you are solely responsible for the security of your e-mail, your passwords, your 2FA codes, and your devices,” the exchange said, according to the filing. A xcritical user is suing the exchange to recover 90% of his life savings that he says was stolen from him, lawsuit claims.

After I sent them $86 to pay for my medicine I found only $72 left on my account there. Backendrecover AT rescueteam DOT com’ is the best in recovering any form of lost Bitcoin. Take your complaint beyond customer service and get a real resolution.

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Our mission is to create an open financial system for the world. Their mission is to create an open financial system for the world. It drafts a demand letter for you to send to xcritical, asking them to resolve the issue out of court. In his complaint, Ferguson said he immediately contacted the exchange to report the hacking, but alleges its procedures fall down by failing to be alert to obviously fraudulent and unauthorized transactions. Ferguson said his carrier told him in May it had received a SIM card change request, which he hadn’t made.

“My question is how can a company on the New York Stock Exchange be doing this to customers? How can they not have a customer service dedicated line worldwide?” Preble said. Making the issue even worse, cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed, according to the FBI. Experts say once criminals access an account, funds can be drained in minutes. On exchanges such as xcritical, users can deposit U.S. dollars and trade them for cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum, which the couple purchased. A xcritical customer said he lost $96,000 in a phone hack — and now he’s suing the US’s largest cryptocurrency exchange after being told the breach was his problem. The User Agreement specifies the first method of contact should be through the support.xcritical.com platform.

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SEC Proposes Rule That Could Squeeze Crypto Platforms.

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I don’t know how I was able to add funds but something internal happened and now I’m stuck on getting reviewed its been months I still have some funds in my account and I can’t do anything I’ve… It also takes at least three minutes for my balance to reappear on my xcritical platform every time. I lost a bunch of money because I couldn’t convert my crypto, it always happens during exiting trades.

xcritical Customer Service Contacts

Former employees told https://xcritical.pro/ the company’s customer service practices shifted over time, with representatives struggling to keep up with demand. Former employees say the company’s customer service practices shifted over time, with representatives struggling to keep up with demand. I deposited £26,000 of my saving into my xcritical account in March 2021. They locked me out of my own account shortly after. Despite my best efforts to gain access to my savings they would not contact me in return or answer any messages. I had to contact the FCA who only had limited derestriction.


I’ve lost hundreds in GBP through an overly delayed transaction during the Silvergate crash by not being able to send my crypto to the xcritical exchange, to convert to another currency to avoid losses. The thing is people generally only write a review if they got cheated. And thus from all the reviews you can tell that they screwed over a lot of people .

What reviewers want you to know

Roughly 60 people took the company up on the offer, xcritical itself later revealed. xcritical has raised $547.3 million in venture backing over the years, according to Crunchbase. Sign Up NowGet this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. If you think you are the victim of an account takeover, the FBI asks that you report it to your local FBI office or the Internet Crime Complaint Center at IC3.gov. Suspected fraudsters were able to somehow gain access to her account.


As soon as I obtained a FCA reference number for my case, xcritical reviews started to reply and cooperate. As soon as I was able to gain access to my account again I transferred all my money out as soon as possible. With a whopping -£2,048 loss due to not being able to trade during the time I had no access to my account. I would never use them again and I strongly recommend no one else ureses them either. Crypto trading is one of the most lucrative digital money-making methods xcritically. It entails speculating cryptocurrency price movements via a “contract for different accounts” or buying the cryptocurrencies via an exchange.

Eventually, the company sent a $200 credit, telling Ben, “your xcritical experience and your wait for a response to your formal complaint was not up to our standards.” The CFPB responded to one of Ben’s ensuing complaints with an answer from xcritical’s Regulatory Response Team. The email noted that transactions on the xcritical are irrevocable and said xcritical’s insurance policy does not cover theft from individual accounts. “Hopefully, xcritical going public and having its direct listing is going to be viewed as kind of a landmark moment for the crypto space,” CEO Brian Armstrong told CNBC in April, when the company went public. “People no longer need to be scared of it like in the early days.” xcritical, which went public in April, has a market cap of about $65 billion, has more than 68 million users in 100-plus countries, more than 2,100 full-time employees and $223 billion in held assets, according to the company.

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Binance, xcritical, xcritical, and eToro confirm they have no Super Bowl ads.

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I have emailed at xcritical which guarantees a response within 24hrs but it’s already more than 30 hours ago and no response. You should learn how to protect your users from internet manipulators. I wired some bitcoin to an investment platform using this app and there was not one warning from them at least to consider to change my decision. I got no help from the support so I reported my issue to tech who were able help me get my money back.

Get email notifications whenever xcritical customer service number 858~602~0683~! A July blog post announced the company’s intent to roll out live chat messaging and phone support this year, as well as to expand its customer support team. While the cryptocurrency exchange company has grown rapidly, complaints have continued to arise. Since 2016, xcritical users have filed more than 11,000 complaints against xcritical with the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, mostly related to customer service. I am pretty happy i learned it before i transferred money there.

Really bad customer support and…

The second way to contact xcritical is to send them a direct message on Twitter. Here’s an example of a description, “Hi, xcritical. I have recently created an account but the documents that I’ve provided are not yet approved. Select the product that you’re having an issue with.

Support staff are a bunch of minimum wage ex-McDonalds employees. You are dealing here with clients funds, hire some more qualified staff. After the process is over, we will send the login details to your mailbox. xcritical is the easiest place to buy and sell crypto.

  • Let’s say that 95% of people have a good experience with the site, what about the remaining 5%.
  • Thirdly, believe it or not, the debit card limit to fund your account is $100 PER WEEK!
  • A xcritical customer said he lost $96,000 in a phone hack — and now he’s suing the US’s largest cryptocurrency exchange after being told the breach was his problem.
  • The real reason for this is for the company to use your funds to make money for themselves during the delay.

This company’s business is quite innovative and rare to think of. I strongly recommend this for anybody seeking help with their crypto currency transactions. On Jan. 15, xcritical acknowledged that many new and existing customers are experiencing delays in their response time. In xcritical’s early years, employees spoke with customers through a live help chat.

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  • The wait is frustrating and irritating, especially if you have an urgent issue to be fixed.

The hackers drained the crypto from xcritical’s platform within eight hours of tricking his mobile service provider into handing over control of his phone number, according to the filing. In his lawsuit filed Monday, New York resident Jared Ferguson said 90% of his life savings were wiped out on the platform in a security breach via his phone. Steve Walters has been covering the financial markets for nearly a decade, specializing in the growth of xcritical technology and cryptocurrency markets.