Google’s one-day rally is the biggest in history

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The sprawling South Korean technology and industrial conglomerate is engaged in a vast swath of activities. It manufactures consumer electronics, semiconductors, displays, storage systems and sundry other computer parts. And it designs software, provides logistics, financing, marketing and consulting services.


Shareholders can thank the company’s policy of regular dividend increases for much of that windfall. Exxon Mobil’s dividend payments have grown at an average annual rate of 6.1% over the last 38 years. It was included in the S&P 500 index in 1988 and added to the Dow in 1999. And analysts expect more of the same going forward, thanks to the ongoing revolution in digital transactions. Visa, like rival Mastercard, is a favorite name with analysts, hedge funds and billionaires, including Warren Buffett. Berkshire Hathaway owns more than 9.5 million shares in the payments processor.

And of course, there are always news events including natural disasters that can significantly affect the price movement of certain stocks. One of the biggest risks that investors can take in terms of analyzing percentage gain is zoning in on a time period that is too narrow while ignoring after-market activity. During trading sessions, investors—and especially traders—want to be where the action is. The problem is scanning a list of stocks and mutual funds won’t point them in the right direction…unless they look for the biggest stock market gainers. This list of hot stocks is a prime watchlist of the best individual stocks of the day, any of which deserve the undivided attention of an ambitious broker, trader, or retail investor.

S&P 500 – Top Gainers

Investors are looking for investing opportunities that promise the biggest returns and, at the same time, are the least risky. Stable publicly traded company stocks that have consistent earnings and cash flow, while managed professionally, are called Blue-chip stocks. What does the biggest stock gainer mean, and how do we define it? The answer is simple, we compare what the company was worth when it was first established, and what it’s worth now. As it relates to traders identifying percentage gainers, some traders will pay close attention to pre-market and after-hours trading.

Along the way, Microsoft created $1.91 trillion in wealth for shareholders, good for an annualized return of more than 19%. Investors can thank the company’s sprawling operations in the world’s largest consumer market for those eye-popping results. Thanks in no small part to dividends, Johnson & Johnson’s total return comes to 4,220% from 1990 to 2020, per YCharts, versus 1,950% for the S&P 500. If you were to exclude dividends from this Dow stock’s performance, JNJ would have gained just 2,020% over those same 30 years. Shareholders can credit the company’s outsized wealth creation to a remarkable track record of long-term growth on both its top and bottom lines. Taiwan Semiconductor boasts a compound annual revenue growth rate of 17.2% since 1994.

The Bankrate promise

In 2003, it changed its name to Altria Group and spun off its international operations as Phillip Morris International in 2008. It has increased its percentage of on-time deliveries from 94% in 2002, to 99% in 2018. Monster was driving 90% of the company’s sales by the time it changed its name to Monster Energy at the beginning of 2012. Securities trading is offered to self-directed customers by Webull Financial LLC, a broker dealer registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission . Webull Financial LLC is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority , Securities Investor Protection Corporation , The New York Stock Exchange , NASDAQ and Cboe EDGX Exchange, Inc .

  • Shareholders can thank Disney’s adaptability to an ever-changing media landscape for their outsized returns.
  • The fund owns stakes in all the companies in the index, meaning you own a tiny piece of hundreds of stocks.
  • Volume, even within a sector, can vary greatly between two stocks.
  • It’s also no coincidence that the world’s largest food company by revenue is a dividend stalwart.

In fact, many active traders butter their proverbial bread by playing the most volatile stocks, and one indicator they rely on is percentage, which tells them the winners or losers . Knowing the hedge funds would soon have to cover their shorts, online traders began heavily investing in GameStop stock and options. The largest rise in the stock market happened on March 15, 1933, when the Dow Jones Industrial rose by 15.34 percent in a single day. And the next biggest gain that occurred in the stock market was on Oct.6, 1931, when the company gained 14.87 during a day. What’s more, Volkswagen had one of the highest gains for a multinational business in a single day.

Samsung is also active in artificial intelligence and cloud-based services. Buffett’s single biggest investment, at 39% of Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio, makes a starring appearance on our list below. Today’s JPMorgan Chase is a sprawling multinational financial powerhouse that ranks as the nation’s largest bank by assets. Prodigious consumption of Kweichow Moutai’s spirits and wines helped create nearly $400 billion in wealth over the past three decades – albeit with much of that wealth piling up rather recently.


Either way, identifying percentage gainers is a form of technical analysis that traders—and particularly day traders—use for finding stocks that have significant price movement. Instead, those who are trading securities will want to look at data like a percent change and trading volume because percentage movement is what counts. The percent change in terms of a stock price from one period to another is a great financial tool for seeing which stocks are hot—and which ones are losers.

  • During the 2020 stock market crash, fourteen of the top seventeen positions occurred in the month of March 2020.
  • Meta shares had risen for five straight days, until a lackluster earnings report sent investors reeling.
  • The percent change in terms of a stock price from one period to another is a great financial tool for seeing which stocks are hot—and which ones are losers.
  • The Spanish banking giant Santander posted a loss of 7.8% for the year.

We’re focussing on well established and highly successful Biggest stock gainers of all time today. Percentage gainers are the stocks that are seeing upward movement in terms of their percent change. Keep in mind that percentage gainers lists do not take into account other data such as a market cap or trading volume. Currently, AAPL stock has the highest market cap, and it exceeds 2.33 Trillion US Dollars. Up until 2010, the stock was valued below 10 US Dollars per share. If you had invested in 2010 in AAPL, your investment would be worth 14.4 times more today.

The‘s ever-expanding lineup has allowed it to remain relevant as one of the world’s most recognizable brands, even as consumers’ thirst for carbonated beverages has cooled. Disney – a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 1991 – has had its pandemic ups and downs recently, but you can’t quibble with the stock’s past performance. Shares in the sprawling entertainment conglomerate have delivered outstanding multi-decade returns. Shareholders can thank Disney’s adaptability to an ever-changing media landscape for their outsized returns. In the past 20 years alone, Disney has gobbled up Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm and much of 21st Century Fox.

Dow Jones Network

But what really set Apple on its course to becoming the world’s largest publicly traded company – and the greatest wealth creator of the past 30 years – was the 2007 debut of the iPhone. Shares of what was then known as Google – the corporate name was changed to Alphabet in 2015 – were initially offered to the public less than 20 years ago. And by the end of the first trading day in 2004, the company was worth $27 billion. But as much wealth as the electric vehicle maker has created in its relatively short life, it has done so with gut-wrenching volatility.

As great a wealth creator as HD has been, the bulk of its outperformance has come in only the past decade or so. The collapse of the housing market that precipitated the Great Recession of the late 2000s was a painful period for Home Depot. In addition to being the largest beverage company in the world, Kweichow Moutai is also China’s most valuable non-technology company. In fact, UnitedHealth Group routinely ranks among analysts’ favorite blue-chip stocks to buy.

It’s easy for an investor of any skill level to purchase a fund based on the S&P 500 index. The fund owns stakes in all the companies in the index, meaning you own a tiny piece of hundreds of stocks. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index is one of the most highly followed stock indexes in the world, and it contains hundreds of America’s top companies.

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Either way, traders are concerned about looking for stocks that meet their criteria for both percentage gain and trading volume during a very defined window when they are looking to execute their trade. Many stocks, some of which are penny stocks, can show massive percentage gains, but they are trading on very small volume—which means that even a big percentage gain is not helpful. Despite the obvious limitations, it is possible to profit from indications of percentage gain. While the word “volatility” can sometimes be seen as negative, investors understand that volatility is necessary for profitable trading.

Indeed, no company on this list has created as much wealth as FB has in such a short period of time. Meta’ share price has gained roughly 800% in its relatively short life, creating more than $553 billion in wealth. The S&P 500 is up about 250% on a price basis over the same span.

But what really changed the company’s fortunes was its often painful transition away from traditional software licensing to providing cloud-based services. It took a while for the market to buy into Oracle’s transformation story, but once it did, the stock returned to its market-beating ways. Few blue chips offer so much exposure to so many emerging endeavors and technologies, which explains the semiconductor stock’s relatively recent meteoric rise – and the outsized wealth it created for shareholders. A short squeeze occurs when a stock moves sharply higher, prompting traders who bet its price would fall to buy it to avoid greater losses. Still, while an initial short squeeze may have initiated the rapid rise in price in the stock, it is less certain that closing short positions are what sustained the high prices for months following the initial event. This was not the end of the GameStop saga, as brokerage firms were accused of manipulating the market in favor of their institutional clients.

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In fact, the companies on this list may demonstrate that it’s very hard to predict what companies will be winners years from now.


The formula for identifying the percentage gain on a stock is very simple. All you need to do is take the stock’s daily high, subtract the stock’s daily low, and divide it by the closing price. The stock that has a positive percentage is considered a percentage gainer.

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Percentage gainers make good trade targets because when a stock is advancing, there are more investors interested in buying than selling. However, the entirety of Google’s gain was not reflected in the S&P 500, as not all of Google’s shares are freely floating . That means that only 84 percent of Google’s total gains are included in the float-weighted index. Google shares then continued to rise throughout the day, and by the time the market closed, Google had added an incredible $65.1 billion in value.

Then, on Oct. 28, 2008, carmaker Porsche suddenly announced it held a 74.1% ownership share in Volkswagen, which it had recently acquired through derivatives trading. In 2021, GameStop was the subject of a remarkable short squeeze that caused some hedge funds to lose billions of dollars. Andrew Bloomenthal has 20+ years of editorial experience as a financial journalist and as a financial services marketing writer.